2017 Caribana: Creative Ways to Carry Your Phone!

2017 Caribana: Creative Ways to Carry Your Phone!

We are 5 days away from the most epic fête in North America: Toronto Caribana Festival 2017! Saturday is the Grande Parade, which is rich with Caribbean culture, vivid costumes and lively spectators. Every year, the festival attracts thousands of people to Lakeshore Blvd to watch revelers play mas.


Women dress in gorgeous costumes, each hand made to the theme of their mas band. Ladies decked out in head feathers, cage bras and glitter - all the criteria for a winning section. The parade is all day long, and revelers keep dancing and walking through it all. But... where do the women put their phones?

 Caribana MasqueraderShantal Otchere / Via nowtoronto.com


Between the feather head dress, rhinestone bra, and sequin bottoms, there's not much room for a phone.

caribana costumes

Jason Pinaster

Damn how do you take a selfie of your gorgeous self!?


Hold your phone in your hands, obviously... no.

In Your Hands

 Alejandro Santiago / Via blogTO.com
Gotta make sure those phones don't slip, so let's try something else.


If you want to keep cash, clip a wallet to your hoops!

wallet clip
Alejandro Santiago / Via blogTO.com

Basically the best hands-free, sweat-free option.


Drawstring bags can hold even more! Sunscreen anyone?

draw string bag
Caribana Toronto / Via caribanatoronto.com

Match your bag with your costume for a seamless outfit!


Side bags are a good choice too ;)

side bagCaribana Toronto / Via caribanatoronto.com
Pin your bag strap to your bra strap to keep it secure!


However, nothing gets in the way of a good wine.

Caribana Toronto/ Via CaribanaToronto.com

These costumes are unreal! We can't wait to have a great time!


Carnival Makeup Kits gives out waterproof phone cases with your kit!

waterproof phone case
Saledenah/ Via SaldenahCarnival.com

Carnival Makeup Kits is located in the Saldenah mas camp in Scarborough.


Don't forget some toilet paper!
You can stuff some Charmin in your bra for extra support

crowd at Caribana
Karabana/ Via karabana.blogspot.ca

The Porta Potties always run out of toilet paper, due to the crowds :( 


Girls get thirst y'all! Have a safe and fun Carnival!

dancer with bottle
Cheol Joon Baek/ Via nowtoronto.com

Gotta stay hydrated! Bring a large bottle! 

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