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What is Poche Posh?

Poche Posh started as a way of empowering girls by putting pockets in clothing. Jessica and Visha wished all their clothes had pockets. Girls put their things in their bras, the band of their leggings, in their arm pits, or just plain hold them.  Everyone wants easy access to their belongings. Have their phone in their pocket to listen to music. Have pockets to go out to just bring what they need, without carrying anything else.

Every time Jessica and Visha both had pockets in their clothes they were ecstatic, and not only that, they saw the same excitement from their friends, and girls online. So many girls want pockets that it has become an ongoing joke, "girl's pockets" are just an aesthetic and not to carry anything. #ScrewFakePockets


Poche Posh was born out of frustration of not having pockets and sheer disbelief of fake pockets. Jessica and Visha started Poche Posh to change girls lives. Girls can now easily carry their phone, wallet, keys or whatever else with Poche Posh.





Jessica & Visha 


Jessica and Visha are two girls on a mission to bring pockets to girls clothes. Dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms, cardigans and everything in between.


Their journey with Poche Posh started with a Facebook post that Visha wrote, wanting her clothes to have pockets. Jessica loved the idea, having struggled with not having pockets on her clothes too, and Poche Posh was born! Jessica kept sending Visha "Pocket Comments" like this ***. Then they knew, that this was their true calling.


Poche Posh is the ultimate girl powered brand, that is proud to bring girls together. Being best friends has helped Jessica and Visha make this incredible vision come true. Being silly, feeling fierce and bringing pockets to every girl is what matters to them the most!

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