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What is Poche Posh?


A clothing store where every single style has pockets! Founded by women, solving the problems of women's clothing, to build the ultimate fashion brand!




Empowering women through clothing equality and fashionable styles.


At Poche Posh, the work never stops to ensure women have all the pockets they need. What started as sheer frustration of shoving cell phones in awkward places, Poche Posh aims to end the problem of nowhere to put your phone! Jessica and Visha came together in University, and hated not having anywhere to put belongings on days out. Why do we have to pay extra for coat check and lose our keys and ID just because our style doesn't have practicality like pockets?! Poche Posh was born out of empowering women to have their belongings by their side and looking fashionable too!


Girls can easily carry their needs like, phones, wallets, keys, ID, cash, credit cards and medication.






Jessica & Visha 


Jessica and Visha are two girls bringing pockets to girls clothes! Dresses, skirts, tops, bottoms, cardigans and everything in between.

Their journey with Poche Posh started with a Facebook post that Visha wrote, wanting her clothes to have pockets. Jessica loved the idea, having struggled with not having pockets on her clothes too, and Poche Posh begun! Jessica kept sending Visha "Pocket Comments" to motivate them to start solving the problem. Then they knew, that this was their true calling. If the internet needs pockets than there has to be a way to provide them!

Poche Posh is the ultimate girl powered brand, that is proud to bring girls together. Being best friends has helped Jessica and Visha make this incredible vision come true. Being silly, feeling fierce and bringing pockets to every girl is what matters to them the most!



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